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  • What we are Saying With Hemp::

    Hemp has the power to drive sustainability and benefit our planet in so many ways. At Arraei our focus is in educating more people about the magical properties of hemp, to shed light on the multiple uses and to show how beautifully lush, vibrant and natural hemp clothing can be. We craft pieces made to last a lifetime with organic natural hemp fabrics, from the earth of the earth.
  • Where to find us::

    Online, and in stores: see our website for stockists
  • How to connect with us::

    Website: arraeicollective.comInstagram: @arraeicollectiveFacebook: @arraeicollective
  • How to contact us::

  • Our intention & vision::

    Arraei is a slow fashion brand rooted in transparency and sustainability. We work with nature to create minimal bohéme women's clothing. Wearing all natural fabrics connects us to nature everyday and allows us to be in harmony with the planet - knowing that we are not contributing to a wasteful society and are supporting sustainability.
  • What we do::

    Women's Hemp + Linen Clothing
  • Who we are::

    Arraei Collective is a slow fashion hemp brand of Minimal Bohême Basics for women. All of our garments are made with 100% natural and organic fibers.A collection for the wandering souls, inspired by the harmony that exists in nature. - Finding inspiration in the graceful balance of form and fluidity. Each piece is a translation of contrasting elements and the unity that exists between them.MADE IN RESPONSIBLY IN CANADA

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