who we are:               

Balanced Earth Building

what we do:                 

We design and build hempcrete homes & spaces with a focus on giving the product a modern, architecturally inspired look and feel. We also give time in the form of free workshops to encouraging owner builders as well as our peers in the construction industry to explore hemp for themselves.”

where to find us:   

Byron Bay, Australia

how to contact us:     Certified


how to connect with us: 

Web: balancedearthbuilding.com
Instagram: @balanced.earth
Facebook: /balancedearthbuilding

our intention & vision: 

“To help bring hempcrete into the new century through good design, both aesthetically and structurally. To Increase affordability and availability of the product in order to eventually utilise it in social projects for those in need.”

what we are saying with hemp: 

“Hempcrete is affordable, functional, breathable, beautiful – our combined decades of building experience informs our full belief that when used to it’s potential it will open the gates to true sustainability in the construction industry.”


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