who we are:      

Carpe Diem Sol

what we do:     

We make clothing for women. We have started a new GAIA Sol range based on Hemp/cotton bended fabrics!

where to find us:      

We are an online business based in Melbourne.

how to contact us:     


how to connect with us:     

IG:    /carpe.diem.sol

our intention & vision: 

We intend to bring positivity and awareness to the benefits of Hemp based clothing that is fun, fashionable and relatable to a younger audience! Allowing consumers to feel a part of something great and empowered, that other brands may not have allowed them to realise before. 

what we are saying with hemp: 

Hemp is a great alternative fabric to use and should be more popular in the clothing and textile industry! Bringing this awareness opens up more questions and opportunities for people to put more thought in the items they purchase. Putting consciousness in consumerism!

why we are doing it together: 

Because people should feel empowered in the businesses they support. It is a game changer when people realise they make a difference in the world. What they support by purchasing a product gives more rise to the success in the business they buy from. Buy hemp and you help an Earth friendly industry.



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