who we are:      

Columbia River Hemp Company
Jon Paull – Managing Partner

what we do:

“We cultivate high CBD and dual-purpose industrial hemp, and extract cannabinoid oil and isolates to be used in food, beverages, pharmaceuticals and personal care products.”

where to find us:

The Dalles, OR, USA
Dufur, OR, USA

how to contact us:


how to connect with us:

Web:    columbiariverhemp.com
Facebook:    /gorgehemp
Instagram:  @columbiariverhempco

our intention & vision:

“Our intention and vision is to sustainably grow 1,000 acres of the highest quality industrial hemp and high CBD flowers, to be transformed into food, beverages, personal care, fiber and pharmaceutical products. We will grow organically, without the use of harmful pesticides and herbicides, using the plants natural ability to restore soil, out-compete weeds and repel pests.”

what we are saying with hemp:

“Hemp is the plant that can feed, clothe, shelter and heal us; while also restoring balance on our planet, and reducing human impacts on the environment. We are committed to growing hemp in a sustainable manner that honors the plants legacy, growing outdoors under natural sunlight, and using water efficiently to produce raw hemp materials that will be used all over the globe.”


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