who we are: 

Hemp Clothing Australia

what we do:

Hemp Clothing Australia offers a modern take on the world’s oldest natural fibre, creating garments which reduce your footprint on the planet. We are an Australian owned and operated brand working with the best environmentally-oriented manufacturers and farmers in the world. Our focus is to create durable, ethical and sustainable hemp clothing that empowers slow-fashion objectives. 

Hemp Clothing Australia offers clothing, bed-linen and accessories for retail, as well as custom hemp manufacturing opportunities. We also offer manufacturing consultation services in the re-emerging hemp industry.

Visit the Hemp Clothing Australia website to learn more about the brand.

where to find us:

Visit the Hemp Clothing Australia website and online store via https://www.hempclothingaustralia.com/ or pop in to one of our stockists.

how to connect with us:

Email:    info@hempclothingaustralia.com
IG:    @hempclothingaustralia
FB:    /hempclothingaustralia

You can also make any enquiries through our contact page.

our intention & vision: 

Every Hemp Clothing Australia garment helps the environment by preventing waste, pollution and landfill, while creating and maintaining clean-industry farming and jobs. Our hemp is sourced using sustainable hemp farming practices that avoid the use of herbicides and pesticides as well as reduce water consumption and pollution.

We don’t operate by the unsustainable fast-fashion timetable of seasonal collections; we make timeless slow-fashion pieces which adapt to all seasons. 

Our mission and values are to:

  • recognise and reduce the impact of the clothing industry (one of the world’s most polluting industries)
  • support the reduction of excessive consumerism 
  • empower all people within our supply chain, paying at or above award wages
  • educate the wider population about sustainable fashion practices
  • drastically increase the quality and durability of clothing
  • engage government, industry and other labels to improve their standards 

what we are saying with hemp:

Hemp provides us a realistic opportunity to create a sustainable clothing industry and sustainable future.

why we are doing it together: 

Together the small changes we make in our lives add up to huge social movements. Your choices matter and they do add up!

Hemp Clothing Australia works directly with government and policy making representatives through our efforts with the Industrial Hemp Association of South Australia (IHASA). We feel this is part of our role as an ethical company to help educate and progress positive change for the entire community, not just in clothing and manufacturing. 

You can find us at trade expos and in an increasing amount of retail stores around the country. We do make a large effort to support retailers and local jobs, you can find out more about stocking us via enquiring through our website or emailing info@hempclothingaustralia.com 

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