who we are:    

Jordan & Co
Wolf Jordan

what we do:    

We take care of your third skin: your house. We offer lime-hemp solutions for building and/or insulation as well as a whole range of natural finishes, from renders to paints, oils, waxes as well as the ingredients.

where to find us:  

Bloemenlei 4+6, B 2920 Kalmthout, Belgium

how to contact us:

tel: +32 3666 87 7
fax: idem

how to connect with us:

Web:  wolfjordan.be
Facebook:  /Jordan-Co

our intention & vision:

Although we deliver worldwide, our final aim is to develop and to support local production of 100% natural building and finishing materials, based on shareware, on local development, on small scale economy, on creation of meaningful employment opportunities, on global cooperation.

This sounds familiar? You feel connected? Together we can be the change, so don’t start tomorrow, do this today.

what we are saying with hemp:

Building and insulating with hemp and lime is a blessing, not only for the inhabitants, but also for Mother Earth (hemp sequesters CO2 while producing Oxygen), as well as for the development of a new economy based on small scale local development.


SIWH can be the connecting network.

With love.

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