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We support local sustainable & organic production, if we don’t grow something ourselves for our creations & formulations, we search for local farms, growers, or Australian suppliers utilising fair trade, making it mutually beneficial for all in our community.

Our processes are completed entirely by hand and are fully organic. Small cottage industry is slow and beautiful which allows attention to details specifically desired or needed for our clients. Beautiful organic, ethical, eco & sustainable creation cannot be rushed.

Tirelessly working to steadily improve quality, finish and beauty – the little things make a difference. Creating your timeless heirloom pieces & our now infamous Meraki formulations with purity, organic love & devotion.

Humble hemp is not only eco, ethical, sustainable & kinder to our people & our planet. Hemp bed linen & bed sheets are pure, natural organic luxury. Our bed linen are a 60% organic hemp 40% organic cotton blend perfect for all climate conditions. The Hemp Eco fashion range is created with lightweight organic hemp cotton weave. The Meraki Hemp based skincare, haircare, family care & healing balms are free of cruelty, gmo, palm, parabens, sulphates, toxins & chemicals & full of vegan, certified organic botanicals & oils.

Our mantra is Changing the world….one hemp creation at a time!

Philosophy: The Mandala represents our connection with our earth.

The Dream is to renew eco sustainable practices & ancient eco dye practices, whilst delivering humble hemp into every household.

The Co. is you, the company we keep…our clients who we wish to heal body, mind & spirit. With eco, sustainable, organic hemp, organic cotton bed linens & bed sheets, slow fashion, skincare & beauty creations, made by hand with love & devotion to enhance your health, wellbeing, sleep & beauty.

When you purchase from Mandala Dream Co you facilitate organic & positive change for this earth, environment & it’s people.

Australian made, owned & designed.

Be the change, stay sustained.
We are of the Earth.

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