who we are:             

Les Chanvres de l’Atlantique
carrying 2 brands for now : “Nunti-Sunya” and “Viva Chanvre”

Vincent – music conductor 
Jenny – soloist commercial
Claire – soloist accounting
Fred – soloist communication
Simon – soloist machinery 

what we do:         

“We make hemp music ? 

Producing food (Hemp oil, hemp decorticated seed, hemp protein, hemp whole seed, and soon hemp milk)
Producing 100% hemp natural dye T Shirts (Women, Children, Men)
Producing seed, hemp seed to come next season, strain = Finola” 

where to find us:

Les Chanvres de l’Atlantique
50 allée de Céres
St Géours de Maremne

how to contact us:        

email : contact@nuntisunya.com


how to connect with us:          

Web:  nuntisunya.com
Faceook: /nunti-sunya
Instagram:  @nunti_sunya 

our intention & vision:

“To nourish health, autonomy and abundance of ALL through Hemp. To be at every step, from seed to final client; agricultural, industrial, commercial… and not let any energy not in harmony with ours mess with our products.”

what we are saying with hemp:

“We dont need any “controller” to direct us anymore, with Hemp we can take back the control we have left to some people who did not work for the benefit of all.

Hemp is here for Everyone and not just One …. anyone in the hemp industry must be on a mission to represent this statement and work for humankind and our planet!

Hemp is one solid solution and this solution works for anybody around the world, from the richest country to the poorest.

Hemp is changing the World and we work to manifest this change with lots of joy and appreciation ?


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