who we are:

Say It With Hemp ♡

what we do:

Say It With Hemp is a world-wide hemp conscious community & forum space,
while our sister site HempWeb.Earth is our collectively built  industrial hemp database.

Primarily, the concept behind SIWH is to act as a platform for those working with this resource to share their story, vision, intention and message with the world, and to form an HEMPowered global community that promotes sharing real information, creative sustainable ideas, and conscious choices that lead to a new collective statement about the world we are choosing to co-create… 

Ultimately, this network is an opportunity for us to begin working together as an active and conscious human collective with a shared common goal of personal and global well-being…

where to find us:       

Hempquarters –
PO Box 862
Macleod West VIC 3085

how to contact us:        


how to connect with us: 

Web:   sayitwithhemp.com
Instagram:   @sayitwithhemp
Facebook:   /sayitwithhemp

our intention & vision:

To build an interconnected, hemp conscious network of humans across the globe; to educate, inspire, and empower each other, and collectively work together to bring the world we wish to live in into being ♡

what we are saying with hemp:

Hemp is here for us! It is nature providing exactly what humans need and in abundance; plant seeds everywhere, let the weeds grow and we can purify our soil, replenish our atmosphere, honour our water, work WITH nature and live non-toxically and in good health, for ourselves and our planet – heal the world – HEMPower the people ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

why we are doing it together:           

It is time for a new human story. One that holds us accountable and brings us together to work as a collective with a shared common goal. As we bring all the pieces of the global hemp puzzle together we can begin really supporting and assisting one another, and with these powerful combined conscious energies, create real economic and ecological change –
Hemp is the gift from nature that is bringing us all together; and together we can do it all!

Say It With Hemp

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