who we are:

Soma Hemp Foods

what we do:     

Wholesale hemp seed products, branding and distribution – 100% Produced, Processed and Packed in Australia using 100% Tasmanian Hemp. Chemical and Pesticide Free – Certified Organic & GMO-Free facility. 100% Family Owned & Operated

where to find us:

Floating between Mullumbimby and Burringbar NSW Australia

how to contact us:   


how to connect with us:

Web:    SomaHempFoods.com.au
Instagram:    @somahemp
Facebook:    /SomaHempFoods

our intention & vision:

To reduce food miles and ensure the cleanest and highest quality hemp seed products are available for the people.

what we are saying with hemp:

There are three main cultivars of industrial hemp – medicinal, fibre (building) and food. These plants all are of the same species (cannabis sativa) but have different uses and grow in different ways. We use a select variety which is Non-GMO and known to produce abundant amounts of edible seeds high in essential fatty acids, protein and fibre which are grown without the use of chemical herbicides and insecticides/pesticides in North Tasmania. The seeds are then processed in an ACO Certified Organic facility and packed fresh. Soma Hemp Foods is able to intercept some items and thus save precious food miles on delivering these amazing products to the people of Northern NSW.

why we are doing it together:

Chemical herbicide (2,4-D, Glyphosate) and insecticide use is increasing in parts of Australia and the world damaging our health, waterways & topsoil, neighbours farms and bee colonies. We have chosen Tasmania as our source for the cleanest, highest quality hemp seed products available IN THE WORLD as the use of chemical pesticides and herbicides is not needed due to strict quarantine and biosecurity rules.

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