who we are:    

The Hemp Store NC

what we do:

We are the First retail Hemp store in Wake county and we focus on bringing our customers only the highest quality Hemp made products!

where to find us:

1000 Old Milburnie Rd Ste.1 Raleigh NC 27604

how to contact us:

Email:    thehempstorenc@gmail.com
Phone:    (919)607-7444

how to connect with us:

Web:   thehempstorenc.com
Facebook:    /thehempstorenc
Instagram:    @thehempsstorenc

our intention & vision:

We truly believe that Hemp can save the world if we open our minds to the limitless possibilities of this wonderful plant.

what we are saying with hemp:

Hemp is here to heal and restore our country one product at a time.


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